Ingredients to become a successful marketer

Ingredients to becoming a Successful Marketer

Ever wondered how Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck were such high-fliers in their respective fields? And how they managed to stand out of the crowd for a time period which feels like an eternity? How each one of them is one of those top successful marketer?

If yes, then I have an answer for you. These questions often provoked me to search for a solution which would help me or others like me to become as successful as these people in our respective fields.

I am a student and as I want to become a successful Digital Marketer, I started searching for at least some common qualities amongst already successful people. One fine day found an answer which was: ‘Never stop practicing the BASICS’.

how to become a successful marketer

It might sound very obvious but the reality is despite knowing this fact people become ignorant to things from where they started.

If you are also someone who wants to be a successful marketer, digital marketer, freelancer, blogger, marketing manager or an entrepreneur then this article is for you. I will be covering some basics which are the reason behind all the successful campaigns and marketing methods used out there.

how to become a successful marketer

1. Fundamentals of Marketing (An essential for a successful marketer)

Marketing starts from the point when you get an idea upon launching a particular product or service in market. You need to understand your customers’ needs very well, make a mind map for it and then proceed on how you will fulfill those needs. The step for need identification should be very deep so that all the aspects of fulfilling needs are covered and there is minimum or no chance of failure. Marketers often hurry up to the selling stage and ultimately fail to do so.

Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right people at the right time. Your strategy should be followed by understanding clearly what are you trying to achieve in a long term, who are your niche customers and when are they searching for a solution that you have for them so that you can provide it to them. These things are core characteristics of any successful marketer.

All of it would only be possible if you communicate your message clearly because people are not going to buy anything only because you made it, right? Here comes understanding the importance of communication skills.

Good communication skills are not your vocab but whether you are able to transfer your thoughts to the other person effectively. So how can you communicate well?

You can grab attention of your audience only if you write like you talk. People will only listen to you when you speak words of their interest or answer the questions already wandering in their minds. They will instantly connect with you, ultimately resulting in them buying your product. Make a communication plan where 80% of the message is about the value of your product and rest 20% is about selling it. A product which delivers value will sell itself. Remember that!


2. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Although it would not be wrong to say that Digital Marketing is the future but there are certain aspects where traditional marketing can not be ignored completely. A successful marketer knows how to make a good blend of both methods.

It is true that a few traditional marketing methods are declining but there are some methods which still lead the market. Traditional marketing is still a perfect fit for generic products or which have a wide reach. To this date companies like Google, Burger King, Coca-Cola enthusiastically use traditional marketing methods like TV advertising and billboards.

However, the biggest drawback of traditional marketing still remains, i.e, it is not as measurable as digital marketing techniques and takes a lot more time to refine and implement strategies.

It is here when, digital marketing comes into frame as it can present the results of your measurement as and when you like with a few click of buttons. At the same time it is much more labor-saving and cost effective.

Traditional marketing does hold relevance and value but when effectively combined with online strategies. It is you who has to take decision upon how you can make both traditional and digital marketing go hand-in-hand for your business.

But, what is the right way to approach? How will you decide that you are moving in the right direction? For understanding this you will see something very interesting in the next section.

3. The CATT Marketing Funnel

We all are aware about funnels in marketing. These help in breaking down the customer journey effectively right from their awareness stage to when they make a purchase.

The CATT Funnel is something which if followed literally can help you generate wealth. The formula that you always have to remember is:

Wealth = n^ CATT

Here, n = niche

C = Content

A = Attention

T = Trust

T = Transaction

how to become a successful marketer

The formula mentioned above if put effectively in line will help you become a successful marketer, to generate wealth and achieve your financial goal. How? Let’s see!

  1. [n] niche- The very first step to maximizing your wealth is the selection of the right ‘niche’. Be very specific while choosing your target audience and offer them your expert service. The more specific you are with your expert skills and audience higher are the chances of your wealth maximization.
how to become a successful marketer

The above figure shows how you can rightly choose your niche. If you lack any elements among Talent, Passion and Market it would be difficult to select the right niche.

· If you have talent and passion for a specific thing but there is less scope or no demand in the market for it. You have to either create demand or switch to options which are on a boom.

· If you have passion for something and a good market demand but no talent then eventually you are not going to make best out of it. You need to polish the skills for which you are passionate.

· If you have talent and a good market for a particular service but no passion then sooner or later you will end up searching for different options to put your hands on.

Thus, having a combination of all the things is necessary. When you find the common point for all the elements you will easily identify your niche.

2. [C] Content- Content is the center of marketing. It includes blog posts, emails and visuals which educates your customers about the product you are offering and communicates with them. This is the step where you either drive attention of people or lose them to your competition. Make sure to create interest in minds of your audience by delivering high-quality content.

3. [A] Attention — After your content is ready be prepared to drive attention to your business and stand out amongst the competition. This can be done organically or through paid ads. (SEO, Social Media). Try your hands-on on what works best for you because consumer attention is the ultimate commodity.

4. [T] Trust –Like any other relationship the relation of any consumer and a seller is also built on trust. It is the most crucial element in the process of sale. People will not make any purchase unless you have won their trust. You have to make sure to grow it to that level where people start considering you over other options. This can be done via retargeting and marketing automation where you can build trust in small doses in a structured interval.

5. [T] Transaction — Here comes the final stage where you need to know whether people are ready to transact. No matter you have gained their trust they will still not instantly be ready to transact. It is the lead shortlisting and profiling which will tell you when to approach for offer. Keep in constant touch with your leads and approach with the offer when he would not be able to resist. Then the magic will happen; your lead will become your customer.

This is how CATT framework will help you in acquiring customers and in turn will maximize your wealth.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing Approach (IDM)

The CATT framework was about what should be your step by step approach or plan towards your target. Integrated Digital Marketing is about how you will execute it.

The Integrated Digital Marketing as the name suggests is a combined approach of marketing strategies which includes everything like content marketing, paid advertising, SEO, social media marketing and e-mail marketing.

The idea behind IDM is that when each of the marketing strategies is used effectively it can have a positive impact, so when used all together it could provide much stronger results. It could have an impact in a way where your leads can convert into customers or you can have a much more influential online presence.

By integrating the right digital marketing strategies at the right places you can also come up with captivating storyline to engage with your audience. To become a successful marketer it is important that number of marketing mediums deliver a clear communication.

People who use a single platform and wait for their leads to convert, wait in vain as there are n number of constraints if you use very few platforms as means of your communication. You will only end up believing that a particular strategy just does not work for you.

Thus it is wise to unify different channels to communicate your message with a single goal in mind.

Integrated digital marketing

5. Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

How you look+ How you speak+ How you act = Your Personal Brand

Any successful marketer is also a successful personal brand. Personal Branding can be more powerful than you think. Building a personal brand refers to how you present yourself to the world, what values do you hold and how do you express those values, how unique are you from your competition. If a Personal Brand is built effectively it can help in building trust in the minds of your prospective customers.

Many people do not take the first step as they are afraid of dreaming big. You should never be afraid to dream big because: ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’. A person who start believing will automatically start attracting his prospects to him.

For instance, observe yourself while engaging with emails, you will find that you too are engaging more with a person (be it just opening an email) rather than a brand. A person is able to connect himself better with another ‘person’.

Alright, Now, How exactly will you build your Personal Brand?

A few constant steps can help you:

1. Define yourself

2. Set a clear goal about what do you want to be known for

3. Identify your niche

4. Follow the experts in your industry

5. Learn, Relearn and Unlearn

6. Grow your online presence

7. Never miss a chance to talk to people

8. Grow your network

9. Mentor and consult people

·10. Reinvent yourself as you grow

Brand development

You will understand it better through this Mass Trust Blueprint.

Mass trust refers to the trust you have managed to build over time but how will you retain it, as trust is one of the most fragile thing.

This blueprint is an evolution of a professional. Let us understand the Mass Trust Blueprint step-by-step:

Mass trust blueprint

1. Learn: For having an influential personal brand you need to have a skill. Learn a new skill, understand concepts and practice the procedures. Make it a habit to take notes whenever you learn something worthwhile. Read good books listen to experts and observe their common practices. Relearn the concepts whenever you need to and unlearn the obsolete concepts.

2. Work: Merely learning the concepts and not implementing them will take you nowhere. Try to grab the opportunities which provide applications of the concept that you learned. You can start implementing concepts while freelancing, doing a job, or even starting your own project.

3. Blog: Many people do not emphasize on it much but writing is a step ahead in learning things. Start writing blogs, share your thoughts with the world, and let the brainstorming happen. As you continue to write and provide people with great content, you have already started building your own Personal Brand.

4. Consult: By this time you have embraced networking and people have already started recognizing you. Instead of directly working for people start consulting them. Elaborate the procedures to them and help them solve their problems effectively.

5. Mentor: Finally, act and guide as a mentor to people who are newbies in the field in which you have already gained some expertise. To mentor someone does not mean you have to be a 10/10. If you are a 6/10 in your field start mentoring people who are 3 or 4/10 and help them in reaching a level of 5/10. In this process not only you will help others but will also polish your skills and who knows in no time you might reach a level which is 10/10.

This cycle of processes goes on and on. Even after becoming a mentor you never stop learning. You will still keep on learning new things, working on it, writing about it and eventually consulting and mentoring others on the same.

This is a cyclic framework which you should never stop following. As you repeat the cycle for a period of time your own successful personal brand will be in front of you.

Wrapping up

I hope these insights have made your basic concepts clear. Let me know in the comments whether there’s something important that I missed and also if it gave you an idea about the direction where you want to lead your way through.

All the Best 🙂