‘Focus on your audience’ an essential for personal branding; that is what my Marketing Mantra is, shares Mr Mayank Dubey

Personal Branding

In a conversation with Mr Mayank Dubey (Vice President- Digital marketing, DSIJ) on personal branding, scope for digital marketing and more

Whether you acknowledge or not you have a personal brand. What people talk and think about you is your personal brand. When you have a product to sell people trust you more if they know you. They like to talk and know about the person from whom they are purchasing, more than the logo.

I too lately realized the importance of personal branding. To dive deeper in understanding it I decided to engage with a bigger and influential personal brand than mine.

Mr. Mayank Dubey speaks of his journey in his niche and what is he as a brand. He also shares his insightful suggestions on digital marketing.

Can you tell me about your journey as a digital marketer so far. How do you feel to be at the place where you are now?

I started my journey from sales and after about 2 years of experience I switched to digital marketing. People think that a sales experience cannot help you with the technicalities of digital marketing. But having an experience with sales is much more beneficial than you can think. As sales experience can help you elicit the consumer behavior (a must in other marketing activities as well) more distinctly.

If I talk about working as a digital marketer it begin when I joined an agency. I would advice, any learner who is keen for digital marketing to take chance in an agency. An agency revolves around all kinds of digital marketing activities while handling various clients. I say so because one gets more exposure towards different industries and brands. Working for each customer in an agency is a different experience and a different learning. Although working for an organization has its own merits like workload maybe less but again it would not be worth it what learning new concepts everyday while working for an agency will be.

It is good being at the place where I am now and its because I have kept up with trends and concepts which always helped to beat the competition. It is necessary for any digital marketer: to keep up with the trends. I would also suggest after analyzing the current market scenario that:

Make sure you have a good understanding of market analytics to the ground level so as to enhance the campaign management and accordingly optimizing the communication.

How will you describe yourself as a brand?

My personal branding includes of me being a ‘package’ which has indispensable marketing traits like consumer perception metrics, conversion optimization, CP, sales (education), financial services and is result driven and also knows to align or link these traits with the revenue. Basically I am someone who has accomplished the basic routes of digital marketing to the advanced level.

2020 was a year of challenges for brands and agencies, so how was the year at DSIJ in terms of creativity and innovation?

Yes, certainly the year was tough for brands in 2020. What we observed was that, that there were clear changes in the consumer purchasing behavior. People started to hold cash and were only spending it on necessities and their basic needs rather than buying any luxury. If I talk about DSIJ the things were not extremely bad in fact there was an increase in the number of investors but yes our DSIJ magazine’s revenue went down than what was in the previous year. We were working from home and after observing our revenue model it can be said that the state was overall alright.

Can you suggest top 2 or 3 things to keep in mind while handling a crisis like this? (In terms of digital marketing)

The first thing which I would like to mention is that

i) Do not go ahead with mere thoughts in a situation like this. Despite of experimenting it is better to research a lot and then take any further action.


ii) Do not rely on the information that is served free of cost on the internet by n number of sources. Perform and learn.

The third thing is that

iii) As was the scenario a few years back and is till now that multiple large and small b-schools have been opened up who have produced more than required MBAs, now same is the case with digital marketing, the competition has become very tough. There are many unemployed digital marketers as well. Anyone who wants to make a successful career in digital marketing, it is utmost important for him/her to

Study tools used in the larger organizations, stay updated on a daily basis, have in-depth knowledge on how to perform result driven analysis and not letting your portfolio resemble a ghost town.

If one remains thorough with these things the problems can be solved more easily and effectively in such a crisis.

What are the key factors that have strived your personal branding as a marketer? In short, your ‘Marketing Mantra’

‘Focus on your audience’ that is the mantra.

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