SEO Basics

‘SEO Basics’, the title might seem a bit second-rate to you. But, unless and until the fundamentals are weak it is difficult to build a firm skillset.

This article is for anyone who has a knack in learning SEO. But first learning SEO basics is crucial.

In this article I am going to cover:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why SEO?
  3. Key Aspects of SEO
SEO Basics

1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the ability to optimize the website to rank high in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and also getting more of organic or non-paid traffic. It is one of the top-notch skills in the field of digital marketing.

Let’s take an example where you are providing with an answer to a query in the form of your content. But how will you ensure that the answer reaches to all those searching for it? Here SEO comes to your rescue.

Now, all the actions that you will perform so that Google ranks your content higher in its search engine than others is SEO. Whether you have a business website where you are selling a product or service or you have a personal blog SEO performance is a must for every website owner.

This brings us to the next section.

SEO Basics

2) Why SEO?

  • SEO attracts Quality Traffic

One of the best advantages of SEO is that of its pull strategy which means that it helps you attract the right audience; rather than the traditional push strategy where you approach the audience with your product whether  they want it or not.

  • No initial investment required

You don’t need money to rank higher in SERPs as; Google’s organic ranking is purely based on its algorithm which decides ranks based on best information for any query.

Obviously investment will be required in form of your time and efforts in generating high quality content. But once you have established pages which Google finds worthy of displaying in SERPs it will continue to attract quality traffic to your website/blog for a long period of time.

  • SEO gets more traffic than PPC

If you manage to find the most appropriate keywords for your topic then it can surely get you more traffic than what PPC (Pay per Click) could. Moreover, people believe in natural quality content more than they do in paid ads.

SEO certainly is not easy but is more cost effective than other paid forms of marketing methods.

Now there are certain key components of SEO which if followed are enough to attain a high rank in SERPs.

This brings us to:

3) Key Aspects of SEO

There are three main aspects of SEO which should be taken care of in SEO which are:

A) Technical SEO:

With technical SEO I mean performing those activities which involves optimizing your website and making it crawlable and indexable. It would require performing on-page optimization and all the technical stuff related to SEO which will help you rank higher.

B) Quality Backlinks:

The backlinks increase the quality of website which can also be called as off-page optimization. Earning quality backlinks over time is crucial for ranking higher in search engines as people trust word-of-mouth more than ad stuff.

C) Great Content:

Creating great quality content so that it can attract search engine traffic is the most crucial ingredient of the SEO dish. Low quality content refers to lower ranking, as simple as that.

I hope these basics of SEO helped you understand that what SEO is about. This basic understanding about SEO is important for you to becoming a successful SEO expert.

If you want to understand this concept better, go ahead and watch this video for your better understanding.

All the best 🙂

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