Top 5 Digital Marketing hacks to boost your leads 2021 (Best way to lead generation)

According to Forbes a person sees an average of 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. Yes, you heard it right! That’s quite a lot of ads. Now, you see when people are exposed to myriad of information why it becomes more challenging for advertisers to gain attention of people or to perform lead generation.

But, if you play your cards right you can be an exception in the eyes of your audience and ultimately you will be successful in generating the right leads for your business.

Any businesses’ organizational goal is to generate qualified leads. Leads are most favourable prospects of your company who can become your customers or even ambassadors.

In this article I will tell you proven hacks in which not only you will be able to gain healthy leads but will be able to retain them or in short effective ways to lead generation.

Follow these strategies consistently and you will see the coins turning in your favour.

Let’s start!

Hack #1: Make Smart Use of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has become more important than ever. SEO trends keep on fluctuating, but Google is focusing more on differentiating between the intent and search.

For example if you search for ‘digital marketing agencies mumbai’ google shows you the best agencies in Mumbai. But if you search for ‘digital marketing agencies in mumbai’ google shows you job portals as results.

Thus the core SEO strategy should include of segmenting queries of audience and doing a deep competitor keyword research. You need to implement tried and tested methods. But these methods are provisionary and you need to keep making alterations to the SEO strategies to gain the best ROI.

User search intent

Hack #2: Seize Video Marketing Opportunity

As you scroll through your facebook feed you must have noticed that maximum content is in the form of videos. It is so because the most comprehensive form of content is video content.

In fact by 2021, videos will become 82% of most common content form for the internet traffic. Live videos have become one of the integral parts of video marketing. The beauty of live videos is that it allows audience engagement upto a great extent which is a great news for businesses who are constantly thinking for out of the box engagement strategies.

An average amount of people prefer watching a video on features of a product rather than reading about it. Remember to make your videos well-planned and clear which contains useful content. Moreover, it should be solving the problem that your ideal consumer is facing.

Focus on keywords for your you tube videos and pay special attention to the title. It should be engaging and influencing. Use specific adjectives to describe your video content. For example, instead of the title ‘Learn how to make paintings’ use ‘Step-by-step guide to beautiful paintings’. Try to keep it short and attractive.

There might be many videos which are providing same content as yours but what will make you stand out is your key differentiator. Keep some basic pointers in mind which can help you stand out from the rest:

  • Pay attention to making your message clear and easy to understand.
  • Try to make the viewer a character in your story by talking directly to them.
  • Define the problem of your viewer first and slowly through the end of the video give your solutions to it.
  • Finally, embed a clear call to action for your viewers.

Hack #3: Build a specialized lead generation team

Life gives us chances to push ourselves and get out of comfort zone, work our fingers to the bone so it becomes our duty to identify our niche and strengths.

Thus it is important to specialize!

As we know lead generation is not about selling or any other activity related to it. It is about generating qualified leads and nurturing them over time.

Each marketing step requires a different thought, a different mindset thus it is crucial for any business to have a specialized team to perform different marketing functions.

Lead generation is no piece of a cake but requires rigorous amount of research and trial and error methods.

You cannot just put any random team to perform this crucial step of lead generation.  Thus it is very important to have a separate specialized lead generation team so that the steps taken are effective.

lead generation

Hack #4: Hone your email strategy

Email marketing is still one of the most effective tools in generating leads and engaging customers.

Email marketing allows you to have a personalized connection with each of the customers of customer base. This personalized message when put properly, with a clear objective it can give highest ROI than any other marketing tool.

Here, things to take note of are that the email message has to be very precise and to the point, it should be engaging and influencing enough for the customer to take call to action.

Optimizing your email strategy from time-to-time and keeping up with the latest trends enables higher returns on investment.

lead generation

Hack #5: Implement AIDA formula for successful lead generation

AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Let us understand each:

AIDA Model

1. Awareness: the product or service should be as such that it derives people’s attention in the first place. In this stage the product should be so loud that each and every target customer gets to know that this is the solution to the problem that people are facing.

2. Interest: As the attention of the audience is now gained and people are aware about the product’s existence, now is the time to arouse people’s interest in the product. It can be done by various strategies where you elaborate about the features of the product and benfits that the customer will gain.

3. Desire: Now is the time to create a desire in the minds of customer to own that particular product. They are already aware of the advantages of the product by now so the chances are more likely that people will have a desire to buy it. But effective performance of previous step is crucial for this step.

4. Action: This step is to be taken care of that the desire needs to be converted to action at the right time. This action is purchase which is the ultimate goal of any business.

Although the concept was found in 1898 but guess what! It is still effectual.

Do try the concepts and let me know if they worked for you.

Do mention the hacks which I missed above.

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